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Help telecom operators expand in Europe


  • Elaborate a strategy to enter a new market (resale,
    number hosting, external growth, direct deployment)
  • Help with deployment: notification of activity to
    regulator, numbering requests, set-up of compliance
  • Negotiate a stake in or full control of a local actor.

Keep telecom operators compliant in 21 European countries


  • You have no regulatory officer in many countries where you are an operator. We help you justify you are up to date with your obligations and / or implement your obligations
  • You are a regulator or an operator in a single country: we help you benchmark your obligations between 21 countries
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Innovate together: let’s make the “telecom promise”, common to all operators, evolve


  • Telephony requirements froze around 1990, as ISDN and GSM came up. Since then, technology moved from TDM to SIP but the functional set remained unchanged.
  • Innovation in telephony has become a monopoly of the OTTs. However their apps are neither interoperable nor portable.
  • Let’s rejuvenate telephony based on SIP multimedia, authenticated, secured communication features…

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About us

Enterprise Telecom Consultants (ETC), a limited liability company under French law, was founded in 2018 by Emmanuel Tricaud.

ETC is a specialised consultancy providing regulatory and business development expertise in the domain of electronic communications in Europe.

ETC privileges a systematic approach to telecom regulatory matters combined with a practical business evaluation of risks and opportunities.

ETC provides services to:

  • Electronic communications operators
  • Trade associations in the field of electronic communications
  • Financial investors in electronic communications
  • Communication equipment and SaaS providers
  • Governments and regulatory authorities.

Emmanuel Tricaud combines 20 years of experience in IT with 20 years of expertise in electronic communication regulation and business development.


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